reputation management for discerning individuals & companies.


With the invention of the internet came a new age of information. One where everyone's lives are on display, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.  For the successful, and those in the limelight (or those who wish to remain out of it), this can be a detriment. Every small mistake, word slipped, every indiscretion showcased on the world stage.   

At Auctoritas, we believe that privacy, and a polished public image, can still be achieved in the digital age.   Whether  you have a need for privacy, or enhancing your public image, we help you by strategically engineering your online profile


the Reputation Engineers

Our discreet service operates beyond traditional reputation management, and into the tailored engineering of your reputation.  It is in this engineering that Auctoritas' unrivaled systems and expertise of its people come together, producing online reputation management that produces results.